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Paul makes a terrible mistake after spending a night with an ex in Corrie

Will Billy and Paul be able to put recent events behind them?

As the chilli-eating competition takes place in the bistro, the crowd roar Dev, Chesney and Shona on as Gemma reminds everyone to give generously.

Counting the money, Bernie hands Paul £800, who's touched by their generosity.

Back at the flat, Billy and Bernie argue over religion versus crystals and Paul storms out, having asserted that their constant interference isn’t helpful.

Escaping to a hotel bar, Paul spots Zac, a blast from his past and offers to buy him a drink.

The next morning, Paul wakes up in the hotel bedroom with a monumental hangover and as he reaches for his jacket, realises with horror that Zac has stolen the £800 charity money.

Returning home, Billy’s relieved as Paul explains he had one too many and passed out on a mate’s sofa. But when Billy suggests they use the charity money to buy a stairlift and offers to bank it for him, Paul snaps.

Awash with guilt, Paul confesses to an appalled Billy how he met Zac, an old flame, they got drunk and things got out of hand.

Will Billy and Paul be able to put recent events behind them?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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