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Paul pushes Mike too far in Corrie after Summer is rushed to hospital

Has Paul killed him?

Worried when he and Billy can't get hold of Summer, Aaron heads over to Mike’s house but when he says Summer has gone shopping with Esther, Aaron leaves suspicious.

As he finally unlocks the nursery door, Mike is horrified to find Summer unconscious and Esther arrives, demanding to know what's going on! As Esther calls an ambulance, Mike spins her a tale about Summer trying to back out of the surrogacy plan and how he detained her in the hope he could change her mind.

In the hospital, Aggie overhears Mike giving a false name for Summer and contacts Billy. When Billy and Paul arrive demanding some answers, they and Aaron are furious when the police officer tells them that Mike and Esther have accused Summer of lying about being pregnant in order to extort money from them in exchange for the baby.

When Todd and Paul find Mike at Summer's bedside, they're horrified and when Mike hurries out, an angry Paul goes after him.

As Mike approaches his front door, he's confronted by Paul and Todd. Seeing red, Paul shoves him hard and Mike falls, hitting his head on a plant pot.

As a horrified Todd and Paul stare at Mike's motionless body, horrified. Has Paul killed him?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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