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Paul's dad turns up in Weatherfield after finding out on the radio that his son is dying in Corrie

Will he be there for his son when he needs him most?


As Billy helps Paul dress for his radio interview, he assures him he’ll smash it and when a cab arrives to take Paul and Bernie to the interview, it’s obvious the car isn’t big enough for Paul’s wheelchair, leaving him furious as the driver is rude and dismissive.

During his radio interview with Amy, Paul talks passionately about his MND and society’s lack of regard for disability in general, but gets carried away and swears live on air. Could this be the end of Amy’s radio presenting career? 

Blown away by the MND crowdfunder, Paul, Billy and Gemma are sure it will make the council sit up and take notice about the possible centre closure.

Meanwhile, a man approaches Bernie outside the café, telling her he heard Paul on the radio and didn’t realise his son was dying.

Covering her shock, Bernie makes out that Paul’s already dead and the interview was a recording. Not believing her, Denny follows Bernie up to the flat where Gemma and Paul are shocked to see their Dad!

When Denny remarks that Paul looks great for someone that’s supposedly dead, Bernie freezes in horror. 

As she lets off steam to Dev about Denny, Bernie is secretly worried that Denny might blab about her past. Whilst Billy reminds Paul that Denny used to knock him about when he was a kid and he’s not to be trusted, he recently leaves them to it after Paul invites Denny to watch a film.

As Denny nips out for ice cream, leaving Paul alone in the flat, he bumps into Gemma and begs her to let him meet his grandchildren.

Alone in the flat, Paul has a coughing fit and struggles to breathe. As he calls for an ambulance, when the operator answers, he drops the phone and Denny returns to find Paul barely conscious.

Meanwhile Dev finds Bernie rifling through a shoebox of old letters and photos and she’s uneasy as he wonders what she’s looking for. 

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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