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Paul's illness catches up on him as he crashes to the floor in Corrie

Will he be able to get himself up?

In the flower shop flat, a suspicious Billy and Paul can tell Summer is up to something as she frantically types a message and announces that she’s popping out for a couple of hours.

When Summer eventually reveals that her big surprise is that her uni lecturer has offered to take Paul for a spin in his motorbike’s sidecar later, Paul is thrilled. But when Summer’s tutor, Dewey, turns up with a motorbike but no sidecar, Summer and Billy strain to lift Paul onto the pillion instead.

As he dangles helplessly, a humiliated Paul orders them to put him down and in a bid to lift Paul’s spirits after the motorbike debacle, Billy suggests a holiday.

When his voice talker apparatus is delivered, Paul nervously uses the app to play some of his pre-recorded phrases. And when Billy reveals the cost of travel insurance is extortionate due to Paul’s condition, Paul insists they forget about the holiday.

Later, in the Rovers, Gemma and David learn of Paul’s aborted holiday and decide to cheer him up with some jugs of sangria.

After a fun afternoon, David helps a drunk Paul back to the flat but Paul sends him home as Moses is due any minute. With no sign of Moses and bursting for a wee, Paul drags himself to his wheelchair but crashes to the floor.

Coronation Street continues New Year's Eve to 5th January on ITV1


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