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Paul steals from Mandy as she plans her future with him and Vinny in Emmerdale

But will he be tempted to gamble away her deposit money?

Mandy initially leaves Vinny feeling uneasy after she tells him she wants them to have their own place with Paul. Telling Vinny she has enough money for the deposit, Mandy decides to keep it a secret from Paul, for now.

After overhearing Sam making a bet over the phone, Paul tells a flustered Sam that gambling is behind him. Resisting the urge to gamble, Paul calls his mentor instead. When Paul tells Mandy and Vinny what happened, they are both proud of him.

However, Paul is soon hurt about being kept out of the loop about Mandy's plans and offers to deposit the money at the bank, but neither Vinny nor Mandy think it’s a good idea. Hurt and angry over not being trusted, Paul secretly pockets the cash as soon as Vinny leaves.

After finding himself at the bookies, will Paul lose all of Mandy's deposit? And what will happen when Mandy receives a call from the estate agent to say they got the house?

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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