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Paul turns to Abi after being denied morphine in Corrie

But will Abi help Paul?

When Paul asks him to help him end his life when the time comes, Todd refuses. Accepting it's too much to ask, Paul explains how he's terrified of becoming a hostage inside his own body.

Sympathetic, Todd takes Paul to the surgery where Paul makes out he’s in great pain and needs morphine but to Todd’s relief, Dr Gaddas refuses to prescribe it.

Later, in the Rovers, Abi overhears Paul complaining to Todd that he couldn’t get a prescription for morphine and empathises. Back at the flat, Todd’s surprised when Abi arrives at Paul’s invitation, but all becomes clear when Paul asks Abi to score him some drugs. Will Abi help Paul? 

Promising Paul he hasn't changed his mind, Billy tells him that he's unhappy about deceiving Bernie and Gemma. But changing the subject for Summer's benefit, they decide to matchmake Todd and Moses.

As Billy, Paul and Summer invite Todd over for dinner, Moses arrives on his final visit of the day and Paul invites him to join them.

Coronation Street continues Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th and Friday 12th January at 8pm on ITV1


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