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Paul turns to crime in Corrie as Damon puts his life in danger

But just how much danger is Paul in?

Introducing Paul to Trish, Dee-Dee explains she's a woman she met online who lost her husband to MND. As Trish describes the stages of MND and what to expect, Dee-Dee urges Paul to tell Billy and his family about his condition. But will he listen?

After asking Niall to give him another job, when Billy tries to make plans with him, Paul lies and makes out he’s already got plans with Dee-Dee.

Later, Billy quizzes Dee-Dee about her plans with Paul and luckily she thinks on her feet and covers for Paul.

Suspicious, Dee-Dee secretly follows Paul to Freshco’s car park and finds him about to steal a car. When she threatens to call the police, Paul is adamant that he needs the money and putting the car into gear, roars off. How will Dee-Dee get through to Paul?

Cornering Damon in the bistro office, Paul demands £25k or he’ll grass him up. Standing his ground, Damon soon double-crosses Paul by calling his criminal contacts, urging them to shut down Paul’s attempt at blackmail. How much danger is Paul in?

After promising Paul that he'll have the cash just as soon as he can lay his hands on it, when Paul heads off with Bernie and Gemma to go wedding dress shopping, Damon calls Niall and tells him the plan is on.

In the wedding shop, when Gemma finds the perfect dress, Paul takes pictures in the hope the factory girls can knock up a cheap copy but the shop assistant catches them red-handed.

Later, Paul meets up with Damon in the precinct who admits that he hasn’t got the money and that Niall and his brother are out for his blood. Having a change of heart, Damon orders Paul to scarper before it’s too late. Will Paul get away in time? And what consequences will this have for Damon?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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