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Peri breaks down in Hollyoaks as she struggles to keep Juliet's secret to herself

Will Juliet keep to her promise and tell her family the truth?

As Peri struggles to harbour the secret that Juliet was unable to receive her transplant, Juliet discovers her mum in a dark place. Not wanting to cause the family more worry, Juliet promises her girlfriend that she’ll come clean once things have settled.

Meanwhile, unaware of Donna-Marie’s recent struggles, Rayne wants to help Romeo and turns to his sister in the hope that she can reconnect the family. But when Juliet walks in on her brother modelling a new underwear brand and acting carefree, what will she make of the situation?

Trying to comfort Romeo, Rayne tells him she loves him. Taken aback, he thanks her instead of saying it back. Stunned, Rayne runs out on him. During a conversation with Prince, Romeo admits that he was thrown by the L word, which brought up past emotions of Lily.

Later, when Romeo stumbles across something his girlfriend didn’t want him to see on her phone, is this the end for the young couple? And soon, we learn that Lacey was the one who found the photo booth pics and gave them to her bestie so she could keep them safe.

Meanwhile, Rayne overhears Leela confronting Donna-Marie on why she was getting out of Harold’s car and rushes to tell her boyfriend what she overheard. Cut up, Romeo believes it’s his fault his mum relapsed and confides in his girlfriend about his true feelings and his regret at distancing himself from his family.

Taking on the ‘relationship experts’ advice and armed without all the facts, Romeo gathers his family together to tell his sister the shocking news of recent events with their mum. Jumping to her mum's defence, Juliet tells her brother the truth.

Realising that they all need to communicate better, Romeo, his parents, and his sister promise to start working together to support one another.

Pushed to choose between his family or his girlfriend, who will Romeo choose? And wanting to give Rayne's followers what they want, the Nightingale shares a live update on why they’ve not been online lately.

In moving scenes between the siblings, Romeo finally admits to his little sister that he doesn’t think he’s strong enough to deal with her cancer diagnosis, and being with Rayne and away from the family helps him forget what’s going on for a while.

Later, Peri is concerned to discover that Juliet has put her health on the line by leaving the house and mixing with people. Wanting to put her girlfriend’s mind at ease, Juliet agrees that she’ll tell her family the truth so they understand why she has to keep isolated.

Back at home and overwhelmed with emotions Peri breaks down and Juliet promises that she will do what is needed to get the treatment. However, sick of everyone telling her what’s best for her, Juliet is at breaking point and James and Donna-Marie apologise to a worn-out Peri.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with first look episodes available weekday mornings on All4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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