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Peri finds herself in danger as she meets with Brent's mum Hollyoaks

What will she discover and can she end Rayne's reign?

Hoping it’ll put Faye off from working with Lizzie and her family, Rayne persuades Zoe to take part in a live stream exposing Sam’s toxic behaviour. But when Romeo tries to stop it, he's left feeling red-faced.

After Hunter questions her on if the livestream is the right thing to do, Zoe tells Rayne she isn’t going to do the livestream.

Back at the shared house, Rayne takes her anger out on an apologetic Romeo, blaming him for Zoe backing out.

The next day, with Romeo still hurting, a gaslighting Rayne wants to brush it under the carpet and focus on her career. But with Rayne’s latest post on controlling partners, Faye gets the wrong end of the stick and believes she’s speaking about Romeo and comes up with a plan to use it to Rayne’s career advantage.

Meanwhile, as Romeo tries to reach out to Hunter and James, they all receive a notification on their phones which brands Romeo as a controlling boyfriend. But when James wants to legally protect Romeo's name, Rayne tries to talk her boyfriend out of the lawsuit idea, instead convincing him to do a counteracting live stream.

Later, hoping to stop Rayne's reign, Peri tracks down Brent's mum Cheryl, who delivers some shocking new information.

Meanwhile, after overhearing a conversation between Rayne and Faye, Lacey calls her out for exploiting coercive control and allowing Romeo to be called controlling online and calls her disgusting, just as Romeo walks in. And Rayne manipulates Lacey into keeping the truth from Romeo on who leaked the story about him.

And it's not long before Peri finds herself in danger as she out more shocking truths about Rayne’s past.

Leela tells James and Joel she doesn’t want Donna-Marie to find out about the online hate Romeo is receiving in case it sends her on a downward spiral after being three weeks clean. Unable to keep Donna-Marie’s phone from her any longer, Joel and Leela tell her the truth leaving her angry she hasn’t been able to support her son. And when Leela stumbles across a syringe in the house she instantly blames Donna-Marie.

The following day, Donna-Marie tells Romeo she’s proud of him and asks if he’s heard from Peri who she hasn’t received her regular check-in from.

After inviting a reluctant Donna-Marie to dinner with her and Romeo, the manipulative influencer tells her that he isn’t coming anymore as he’s worried if he lets her in again, he might end up hurt if she relapses.

Unable to bear the pain of her son not wanting to be around her, Donna-Marie turns to the bottle and Joel walks in on her stealing from the Lomaxs. When Joel takes a turn, she manages to rush out.

Even though she took her dad’s watch, Leela is worried about Donna-Marie and Joel suggests they split up to find her. Concerned about his mum's welfare after hearing that she's missing, Romeo takes a call during Rayne's livestream before setting off to go help find her.

Irritated, Rayne manipulates him into staying with her instead and it's left to James, Leela and Joel to find a relapsed Donna-Marie. Unable to bear the pain of knowing her best friend isn’t prepared to help herself Leela kicks her out.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm first look episodes available weekday mornings on Channel 4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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