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Peri finds herself in serious danger in Hollyoaks as Timmy declares his love for her

Can Juliet save her from him?

At the hospital, Juliet collects her prescription and realises that Peri hasn’t been receiving her messages, so whilst Peri’s back is turned, she texts her and watches it mysteriously delete itself.

Choosing not to tell Peri about her discovery, she turns to Cher, who comes up with a plan to trap Timmy who indeed, later walks into their trap. Before they can catch a good glimpse of him, he realises but drops something in the process.

Using what Timmy left behind to their advantage, Cher and Juliet set out to find out where the item was purchased, and, as luck would have it, Liberty reveals it was purchased at the Emporium.

Whilst Liberty checks the CCTV, Juliet rushes to tell Peri what she’s discovered, but she refuses to believe her once again. As Juliet readies to give up, Liberty shows up with the footage from the Emporium confirming that it was Timmy.

Meanwhile, Peri bumps into a flustered Timmy who makes up a lie about a break-up and claims that he’s now homeless. Sympathising, Peri agrees to let him stay at her house for the night.

Later, Peri quickly grows suspicious of Timmy as his lies start to unravel, and it’s panic stations when reality kicks in and she finds herself in serious danger.

Trying to comfort Peri, Timmy makes a declaration of love but scares her even more by revealing that he’s been watching her on the cameras. As Juliet bursts through the door, will they manage to overpower an unhinged Timmy?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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