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Peter cuts ties with his family after a shocking discovery in EastEnders

And is Lauren on her way back to Walford?

After receiving a call from Lauren in New Zealand, telling him that she has nowhere to live after a house fire, Peter pleas for Ian to help financially, insisting that Max doesn't find out.

Wanting to know what's wrong, Ash questions Peter who shows her an email he's found on Ian's laptop - it's Ian's will and Peter is not included but Bobby is.

Peter then punishes an unknowing Bobby for being in his dad's will, but after a telling off by Ash, he apologises and explains why he is upset.

When Kathy tells Peter that he needs to forgive Bobby as he would do anything for him, he agrees and tries to persuade Bobby that Lucy would want to use the foundation money to help the family. But will Bobby agree?

Questioned by a Walford Gazette journalist, Ian deflects by divulging Suki’s dodgy dealings. And when Kheerat warns Peter that his old man isn’t clever for messing with his family but Peter concedes that his Dad is nothing to do with him.

Spotting the exchange, Kathy gives Peter some advice... but will he listen?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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