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Peter lashes out at Ken after Carla forces him to face his demons in Corrie

But is it too late for second chances?

After circulating a photo of Peter to all local pubs and shops explaining that he’s ill and requesting they don’t serve him, Ken is left in despair when Peter arrives home drunk.

Concerned to see Ken so low, Adam suggests to Ken and Tracy that they each take turns to keep an eye on Peter and if he goes out, they go with him. But once Peter heads out, he's annoyed to realise Adam is following him. And when Peter arrives home blind drunk, Adam looks on in despair.

Sweating and shaking, Peter sits down and pens a letter to Simon and tells Carla that he'd like to draw a line under their feud, forgiving her for sleeping with Adam. Initially relieved,

When Carla finds out that what Peter has been writing in his notebook was a suicide letter to Simon, she's horrified. Insisting it's not a suicide note, Peter explains how it's a farewell letter after accepting that he's dying.

On a mission, Carla drags Simon round to No.1 where to Peter’s horror she reads out the letter. Shaken, Simon heads out and Carla begs Peter to save himself before it’s too late. He needs to stop drinking and prove to Simon how much he loves him. Not wanting to listen, Peter storms out.

As a broken Simon washes his hands of Peter, Ken’s horrified to hear what’s happened. Finding him drunk in a hotel bar, Ken tries to take his drink off him causing Peter to lash out. Ashamed of his actions, Peter breaks down and admits he wants to give up the booze but doesn’t know how.

After Peter suffers a seizure, Ken calls an ambulance and in the hospital the Barlows discuss the doctor’s advice to reduce Peter’s alcohol intake gradually to avoid sudden death.

When Carla attends a meeting with a new client, she discovers it’s Lucas, who she met when living in Devon. After calling at No.1 to offer Peter her support, he makes it clear he doesn’t want her anywhere near. As she heads to lunch with Lucas, he reveals he’s booked a hotel for the weekend and he’d like her to join him.

Roy worries that if Peter doesn't make things up with Carla now, it could be too late. Making it clear that he can see they still each other. As Ken administers Peter's whisky, hearing what Roy has said, as Carla readies to leave for the weekend, Peter asks her not to go. Will she listen?

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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