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Peter meets with his donor's mother as Carla suspects he's up to something in Corrie

Has their relationship run its course?

Reading a letter from the hospital, Peter surreptitiously shoves it in his pocket and later admits to Tim that he can’t stop obsessing over Stephen’s death and Tim reckons he needs an distraction and has an idea.

At No.4, in the hot tub, Tim advises Peter to forget thoughts of Stephen and focus on the good things in his life. But Peter reckons it’s easier said than done and confides in Tim that he’s worried his relationship with Carla has run its course as these days she’s totally preoccupied with the factory. And Tim urges him not to give up.

Returning home with a date night supper for two, Carla suggests they watch a film and Peter's pleased until Carla gets a call telling her the factory alarm is going off and she heads back out.

Later on in the week, Carla is surprised when having said he is too busy to have lunch with her, she finds Peter cleaning the flat. And Peter admits that he’s arranged to meet the mother of the donor who provided him with a new liver and she’s due round shortly.

When Carla insists she'll be by his side, how will the meeting go? And how will Valerie react when Peter admits to her that he’s an alcoholic and her son’s liver saved his life. 

Later, when Peter reveals that he’s got a support group meeting, Carla offers to go with him. At the support group, Peter admits that he’s lost all interest in life and every day has become a chore, leaving Carla deeply concerned and heartbroken to realise the depth of his despair.

Calling at the factory Michael finds Carla busy on her laptop and he's flabbergasted when she shows him the Christmas present she’s bought Peter.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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