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Peter returns to Walford as Bobby calls on him to save the chippy in EastEnders

And as Anna and Bobby grow close, can Peter stop the siblings from taking things further?

After some encouragement from Freddie, Anna finally tells George, Gina and Elaine that she’s got her mum’s number. Snapping, George reveals he’s had her number for years and its clear she doesn’t want to be found.

When Elaine explains to George and Gina that it's only natural for Anna to want to speak to her mum, they both give Anna their blessing to make contact.

Calling her mum, Anna leaves a message explaining she’s in Walford and misses her every day.

Elsewhere, Bobby is shocked to learn Kathy is selling the chippy after arriving at work to find a For Sale sign being erected. Failing to reach Kathy, who is on her honeymoon, Bobby decides to call Peter.

After radio silence, Anna sends a scathing text to her mum and heads to No.45 for a heart-to-heart with Bobby as the pair put their awkwardness from last week behind them.

In France, Peter intercepts the text from Anna on Cindy’s phone and after interrogating Ian, learns he has two sisters.

Quickly deleting the messages from Anna, Ian pleads with him not to tell Cindy. Agreeing, Peter later shocks Ian when he shares his plans to leave for Walford to meet his two sisters and has booked the Eurostar for that night.

Later, Peter arrives at The Vic as an unsuspecting Gina and Anna prepare to close up for the night.

The following morning at No.45, Bobby wakes to find Peter sleeping on the sofa.

Despite vowing to help Bobby turn the chippy into a success, to force Kathy not to sell, Peter instead heads to The Vic to spy on his new sisters.

Things go from bad to worse when Ben arrives and gives Peter a mouthful. And when Gina reveals that Bobby is smitten with Anna, Peter attempts to stop the budding relationship between his siblings.

The next day, Peter wakes full of regret from last night to a phone call from Cindy who can sense that something is wrong. As Peter covers, Bobby orders him to leave.

Back in France, Cindy tells Ian she’s going to Walford to collect Peter. But knowing that George and the girls are living on the Square, Ian convinces her not to leave, insisting he’ll make Peter come home. Will she leave anyway?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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