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Phil ends relationship with Kat as he can't bring himself to tell her the truth in EastEnders

But after Sharon forces him to come clean about his prison sentence, will he be willing to take her back?

As Jean grills her about Phil’s sentence, Kat is certain her feelings won’t change. And when Kathy finds out about Phil selling up his businesses, she insists Ben should be his priority.

Later, Kat secretly puts her phone on silent so they can have some alone time but when Phil sees missed calls, he's furious and blames Kat.

Interrupting his negotiating, Jean reminds Phil that Kat loves him. After apologising, Phil makes a big decision and breaks up with Kat, unable to tell her the truth about his sentence.

With Kat thrown by his decision, Stacey and Jean reel at the news and things get awkward with Phil as he insists there's nothing more to say.

When Kat tells Sharon that Phil dumped her, she’s determined to find out what’s really wrong and after piling on the pressure, he admits that he’s facing life in prison and opens up about his offer to be an informant.

Despite Kat trying to reason with him and wanting to be with him, Phil refuses and realising that Phil hasn’t told Kat, Sharon gives him an ultimatum. He tells her, or she will.

Later, when Sharon reminds him what he needs to do, Phil finally comes clean to Kat.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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