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Phil makes his suspicions clear as Sharon applies for joint custody of Alyssa in EastEnders

But is he right to be suspicious of Jada? And will she come round to his way of thinking?

Kat watches on as Sharon tells Phil about Alyssa and how she's applied for joint custody and is left seething after Phil later gets a gift for Sharon and Alyssa.

As she vents to Stacey, she's reminded that Sharon isn’t the threat to her relationship, it’s her.

When Phil checks in on Sharon and Alyssa, Jayda turns up and not trusting her, Phil opens up to Kat.

Returning to Sharon's, Phil questions Jada after she answers the door about why she left Alyssa on the doorstep. And as he tells her to walk away again, Sharon enters, appalled at what she's heard.

But when Phil insists to her that Jada can’t be trusted, Sharon's suspicions begin to rise.

Later, approaching Martin and Zack, Phil tells them that they need to speak to Sharon as she can’t lose any more kids.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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