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Phil takes matters into his own hands in EastEnders after discovering the truth

But can he forgive Sam? And will he give Kat a second chance?

Wanting to create Christmas magic for Kat and the kids, Alfie plans to dress as Santa and abseil from the roof of the Mitchell house. But it doesn't go to plan.

Inside, Bert lets slip to Phil that Kat had told Alfie he could stay until New Year and when Phil goes outside, he sees Alfie stuck on the roof and Kat invites Alfie in. And there’s more trouble ahead when Phil finds out what’s been going on since he has been away.

When Phil goes AWOL, Kat desperately tries to find out what is going on and Sam eventually finds Phil in the dark at Peggy’s and is shocked by what she sees. Can she convince him to give Kat another chance?

Spotting Kat, Sam insists that Phil is loyal to her and it should go both ways and Kat is later forced to admit to Phil that she mouthed off about what is going on and people might have heard. Has Kat blown Phil's plan?

Meanwhile, Sam's suspicions of Phil are piqued as she desperately tries to work out what he is up to and after learning what Sam got up to in Spain, Phil is furious and delivers an ultimatum.

After telling Sonia that he's going back to Germany, Ricky invites Sam to spend NYE together and when he asks her to come to Germany with him, things get steamy. Whilst Ricky pops out, Sam receives a text from Phil. What will she do?

Thrilled to see the New Year in at Peggy’s with his family, Phil's good mood is short-lived when he delivers a serious threat.

The next day, a triumphant Phil organises a celebratory Mitchell lunch, but others secretly seethe and with his good spirits in full flow, Phil makes a very generous offer. What could it be?

When Kat confides in Alfie that Phil’s antics have created a big mess, Alfie asserts that even he’d want Phil in his corner if he was in trouble. And at Peggy's, Billy is stunned to hear the full story.

Realising he has been double-crossed, Phil takes matters into his own hands and becoming desperate, takes help from his nemesis. And as Billy faces up to reality, he makes a big decision.

And as Phil takes matters into his own hands, will he get there in time?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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