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Plans for Leanna's funeral force Jacob and Liam together in Emmerdale

But can they make amends? Or will this push them further apart? And is Meena's secret about to be revealed?

Liam refuses to engage with Leyla and Jacob over Leanna’s funeral arrangements and berates Leyla for her and Jacob’s overblown ideas, telling her he’ll be arranging things himself from now on. Leyla is left reeling after he tells her that she let him down when he needed her most.

The next day, Liam tells Charles he wants a traditional, dignified and respectful funeral for Leanna and struggles to contain his anger as a defiant Jacob arrives and joins the meeting.

Liam does his best to continue regardless, but a simmering Jacob is determined and things soon reach boiling point with Jacob raging over knowing Leanna better than Liam. A furious Liam storms out, leaving a guilty Leyla blaming herself.

Later, Jacob pleads with Liam to think again about the funeral, pointing out that it should reflect all that was unique and amazing in Leanna’s personality. How will Liam respond?

And at Leanna’s funeral, Meena covertly fiddles with Leanna’s ring on her necklace and panics when the ring falls from the necklace. She watches in horror as it rolls and stops near Liam’s shoe. Quietly stricken, Meena fears discovery.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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