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Rainie discovers Stuart's painkiller secret in EastEnders

What does this mean for baby Roland?

Dotty is unimpressed when Bernie takes her to chess club. However, she is better at chess than Bernie thought and after winning some money takes Bernie to The Vic to celebrate.

Spotting an exchange between Bernie and Gareth from the chess club, Dotty is riled when Bernie fails to tell her what it was about. Eventually, she comes clean. What could it have been?

Meanwhile, still hiding his painkillers from Rainie, Stuart agrees to take Roland to his weigh-in but when he finally holds Roland, Stuart questions if he can do it.

In the café, Mitch offers to babysit Roland this week so Rainie can go to a hospital appointment with Stuart. As Rainie enjoys some peace, Stuart arrives with Roland, claiming he forgot he has a separate physio appointment. Back home, having seen through Stuart’s lies, Rainie comes across his painkillers.

Later, Bernie is upset to discover Mitch plans to look after Roland and after talking to Dotty, she asks him not to. Mitch agrees but when he tells Rainie, she pleads with him to help her and they can keep it a secret. Despite his doubts, Mitch agrees.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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