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Rape Storyline Revealed for Ruby Allen's EastEnders Return

The soap have announced that they are working with Rape Crisis on an upcoming storyline which explores the subject of consent after Ruby Allen is raped.

The storyline begins when Ruby confides in Stacey about what happened after a party they both attended the night before.

As Stacey stands by Ruby, it soon becomes clear the perpetrator is telling a very different version of events which will raise a debate amongst the characters about consent.

Although viewers will not see the attack, the storyline is set to highlight the complex issues that surround sexual violence which is something Rape Crisis are keen to raise awareness of.

Speaking about the storyline, Louisa Lytton who plays Ruby said “As someone that has been part of EastEnders before, and as a viewer of the show, I know the impact a storyline such as this can have and although it is a huge responsibility, I feel honoured to be part of something that, by working alongside Rape Crisis, we all hope can help end the many misconceptions surrounding sexual violence.”

Yvonne Traynor, CEO Rape Crisis South London said “It is so vital to the safety of men, women and children to understand sexual violence and not to make assumptions or believe the myths and stereotypes that are often portrayed.

EastEnders have taken this responsibility very seriously and ensured that their portrayal of sexual violence has been thoroughly researched and is based on realism which is, sadly, so prevalent in our country today.”

Whilst Executive Consultant John Yorke added “From the original story of Kathy and Willmott-Brown, to the abuse of Little Mo by her husband, Trevor, and Linda’s attack by Dean, EastEnders has always been at the forefront of dealing with these topical and sensitive issues.

Whilst this story centres round an unseen rape, its real focus will challenge the stereotyping and myths that can surround sexual violence and consent. As a subject, it’s difficult and incredibly moving but we hope that by EastEnders tackling this issue we can raise awareness about an incredibly important issue.”

The storyline will air this autumn following Ruby’s return to Walford.


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