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Ravi and Denise grow close in EastEnders as Jack pushes her away

How will she react when he leans in for a kiss?

Arguing with Jack, Ricky Jnr accuses him of only being interested in Amy and her dramas and Ricky tries to find out if Sam has said anything about moving to Germany with him.

Desperate to put the spark back into her marriage, Denise gets a makeover from Lola on her first day back and Ravi is impressed when glammed up Denise arrives to book a table for two at Walford East

After packing the kids off to the cinema, Denise welcomes Jack home and he suggests they make the most of a kid-free house.

The next day, with Denise in the doghouse, Jack offers to take her out for the day and Amy invites Denzel to the empty house. But she's furious when he shows up with Nugget, who has swiped a bottle of vodka from Suki’s shop.

After Suki and Nish confront him about Nugget’s theft and being too soft on him, a humiliated Ravi heads to No.27 and arrives to find the boys drunk and Ricky Jnr throwing up. As Ravi lays down the law, Jack and Denise arrive to find him cleaning up.

Livid, Jack lashes out at everyone, including Denise and when Ravi goes to see the Panesars to pay them back, Denise shows up to thank him and her praise of Ravi silences a critical Nish and Suki. Thanking her for having his back, Ravi and Denise bond over the perils of parenting.

So that he can be with Amy, Denzel decides to bunk off with her and begs her to get help. When the adults hear they’ve skipped school, there’s a row which ends with Amy accusing Denise of not caring about her.

Anguished, Jack snaps at Denise, who furiously heads to Peggy's alone to drown her sorrows. When Ravi spots her, he lends her a shoulder to cry on. After a flirty evening, Ravi goes in for a kiss on the walk home. How will Denise respond?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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