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Ravi discovers he has a secret daughter in EastEnders as Nugget returns to Walford

How will he react when she turns up on his doorstep?

Bumping into Jack, Ravi learns that Nugget has been sighted and heads to No.41 to share the good news.

Receiving a secret call from Nugget, Suki agrees to meet him, whilst Ravi grows suspicious of her behaviour and a furious row breaks out. Ravi accuses her of knowing Nugget’s whereabouts, but Suki covers before later revealing all to Nish.

Later, Ravi spots Nish and Suki making a speedy getaway and asks Jack to follow his dad’s car. Arriving quickly behind the pair, Ravi rumbles the meet and is shocked when Nugget’s mother Priya enters the flat where he’s been hiding.

Shocked to see Priya, Ravi drags Nugget back to Walford. Back home, Suki admits to Nish that she believes Denise’s accusations against Ravi.

When Priya arrives in Walford looking for Nugget, the police arrive to question him on his reasons for leaving. As Nugget demands answers from Ravi, he denies everything and Nugget looks for confirmation from Suki.

As Priya storms out, Ravi and Nugget quickly follow and are shocked to be greeted by Avani, Priya and Ravi’s daughter, whom Ravi had no idea existed and struggles to come to terms with learning he has a daughter.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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