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Ravi is arrested after lashing out at Nugget in EastEnders

Can Chelsea be convinced to call things off with Ravi?

When Chelsea and Ravi start to grow closer, Denise is infuriated and Nugget is pulled in to babysit Jordan whilst they go on a date. Once alone, Nugget takes Jordan to Denzel’s house party where he shirks his responsibilities of babysitting to be with his friends.

However, when their passionate kiss prompts a warning from Stacey, Chelsea starts to think twice about her feelings towards Ravi and with Stacey’s words playing on her mind, begins to grill Ravi in an attempt to gauge a better understanding of his character.

Initially reluctant to answer, Ravi soon shares his experience of being a father and the pair eventually connect.

The following day, Ravi seethes after learning that Nugget took Jordan to Denzel’s party and attempts to discipline him for his actions, but when Nugget hits back and criticises his parenting, Ravi lashes out.

Petrified, Nugget runs to Suki and Nish and reveals all about Ravi’s actions. After a tense conversation between Nish and Ravi ensues in the Minute Mart, Nish warns Ravi to stay away from his son.

When Kim spots Ravi and Chelsea flirting, she tells Denise that they need to intervene to break up their relationship for fear that Chelsea will get hurt. Later, cornering Chelsea, Kim attempts to convince her to break off the relationship.

Meanwhile, a nervous Denise approaches Ravi and warns him to stay away from Chelsea. Ignoring Denise’s threats, Ravi teases Denise by revealing his plans to take things to the next level with Chelsea. Desperate, Denise heads out before making a mysterious call.

As Callum enjoys a drink at The Vic with Ben, he's interrupted by an urgent work call before abruptly leaving to arrest Ravi at Walford East.

At the police station, Ravi remains tight-lipped as he is interrogated by DC Webber and after being temporarily released due to a lack of evidence, Ravi heads to No. 41 to apologise to Nugget.

Rocked by recent events, Kim meets with Denise and later as they drown their sorrows in The Vic, they're incensed as they spot Chelsea and Ravi together. As they attempt to distance the two, Chelsea supports Ravi.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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