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Ravi is questioned by police over Nugget's disappearance in EastEnders

Will Nugget be found? And is Ravi to blame?

Ravi is horrified to discover Nugget is missing and lays the blame at Suki's door and begins a desperate search for him.

As the search for Nugget intensifies, Suki is riddled with guilt when Nish demands that Ravi get the police involved.

Later, Ravi is horrified when the police ask questions.

Ravi is devastated when Denzel blames him for Nugget's disappearance and tells him that his son is scared of him.

Fielding questions from PC Nash about Nugget's disappearance and whether there were problems at home, Suki is keen to drop Ravi in it and he and Nish demand to know why the police are pursuing this line of enquiry.

Confronting Denise, Ravi accuses her of stirring things up with PC Nash. But after she unleashes some harsh home truths, Ravi is in turmoil and can't stop lashing out at people.

As Ravi tortures himself over Nugget's disappearance, Nish demands that Suki start treating his eldest son as if he were one of her own children.

Scouring the streets looking for Nugget, a broken Ravi is a shell of his former self and Denise later lets her hatred of Ravi get the better of her when talking to Denzel, leaving him deeply upset.

Understanding, Jack suggests Denise should go away for a few days to relax.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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