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Ravi will stop at nothing to get the information he needs from Jack in EastEnders

And when Denise refuses to betray Jack, Ravi sets his sights on Chelsea.

Under pressure from Ravi, Denise contemplates breaking into Jack’s laptop to get the information he needs.

She almost does the deed, until she receives a call to say that Amy has been in a fight at school.

Later, seeking Ravi out, Denise calls his bluff, saying she won’t betray Jack, so he can do his worst. Unaware, Kim consoles her sister as she goes on a guilt trip about letting Jack and the family down.

The next day, as he prepares to break into the Branning house himself, to search for the info he needs, Ravi is interrupted by Chelsea. After managing to come up with an excuse, the pair share a flirty exchange.

When Chelsea has to go see to Jordan, it looks like Ravi has his chance to snoop, until Denise and Jack arrive home with Keanu in tow. With Denise desperate to set Keanu and Chelsea up on another date, Chelsea is sceptical, but Keanu convinces her to give him a chance.

As Keanu and Chelsea go on a date at The Vic, when his back is turned, Ravi slithers over to flirt with flattered Chelsea.

The following day, Chelsea isn’t best pleased to hear Keanu has agreed to work for Sharon. Delighted to see discord, Ravi hopes to manoeuvre his way in.

As Karen desperately tries to convince Chelsea that Keanu’s into her, she’s getting bad vibes about where his real feelings lie. But when Chelsea asks Keanu flat out if he still loves Sharon, what will he say?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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