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Ray is feared dead and has his application revoked as Debbie covers her tracks in Corrie

Has Debbie murdered Ray? And has Abi survived?

Trying to cover her tracks, Debbie swears blind that she didn’t know anything about the bribery or the assault on Faye as Roy reveals some news about the Chairperson. They have been arrested on suspicion of bribery and an emergency meeting of the planning committee has been called.

With Ray having done a disappearing act, the details of Abi’s ordeal come to light as Debbie tries her best to distance herself, claiming she had no idea what she was dealing with and did what she had to in order to stop Ray.

Finally, Sally delivers the news the residents of Weatherfield have been waiting for - the planning committee have revoked Ray’s application and all their houses are safe!

After assuring Sally and David that the development is cancelled and that their houses are safe, Debbie tells David that she'll sell No.8 back to him at the original price. But where is Ray?

And having traced the emergency call about Abi to Debbie’s phone, the police demand some answers. Debbie tells them that she found Abi unconscious on the bistro floor and thinking she'd overdosed, called an ambulance.

Persuades Kevin to let her sign the garages back to him, Debbie tells him he can also keep the £90k that he was paid.

David admits to Shona that buying the house isn't as easy as it sounds, having spent the money paying off the mortgage, and now they'll need another one. Overhearing their conversation, Tracy's ears prick up.

Cornering Debbie, she reveals that David can’t afford to buy back No.8 so she’d like it instead. Assuring David that he gets first refusal, Debbie admits she wants a quick sale and David masks his panic.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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