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Ray's latest offer forces Gary to up the stakes in Corrie

But at what cost?

Determined to sabotage Scott's new property job, Johnny tells Ray that he'd best keep an eye on Scott as he’s been in prison and is not to be trusted.

But Johnny is later torn when Scott tells him of his plan to rip off Ray and offers him a part to play. Declining, Johnny tells Scott that his days as his criminal are behind him.

Later, after being told by Ray that the property job is no longer on the table after Johnny filled him in on his background, Scott is left fuming. Confronting Johnny, Scott reveals he now owes him big time.

As Maria makes plans to buy the barbers from Audrey, she’s shocked to discover a huge credit card bill and accuses Gary of hiding it from her and Gary tells Fiz he's going to have to cut her hours at the furniture shop.

Overhearing their exchange, Ray offers Gary £150k to buy the factory. Despite being adamant that it's not for sale, Maria tells Gary that he should accept Ray’s offer as it would mean she could buy the barber shop.

But as the Platts prepare for Audrey’s belated 80th birthday party, Gary shows Kevin a letter he’s received increasing the rent on the furniture shop, which forces Kevin to admit to selling the the premises to Ray Crosby.

After surveying David’s sinkhole, Gary offers to put him in touch with a specialist company but when David lets slip how Ray offered to buy the house, Gary’s mind is a whir. At the bistro Gary tells Ray to double his offer and they’ve got a deal. Will Ray agree?

Having left Ray to sweat, Gary tells him that whatever his game is, he’s not playing ball and the factory isn’t for sale. Ray ups his offer to £400k. As Maria puts pressure on him to accept will Gary agree?

And Scott won't take no for an answer when he orders Johnny to meet him to talk him through his plan - he wants him to drive the getaway car and if he doesn’t comply, Jenny will get chapter and verse on his unsavoury past.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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