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REUNITED? As Dana worries about leaving Harvey alone, Jean promises to face her fears in EastEnders

Could Dana's reluctance to go to uni bring Jean and Harvey back together?

As Jean is welcomed home by her friends and family, things get a little awkward when Arthur cowers away from her.

After telling Stacey that she'll go to the Carnival party, Jean steps outside and as she sees Harvey and Dana, immediately turns back.

Feeling bad, Harvey decides not to go to the party either and instead gives Dana his credit card to go shopping for university supplies.

When Dana can tell that Harvey has been drinking, he shuts her down as she tells him to go and see Jean.

After chatting with Stacey, Kheerat rethinks his feud with Suki but is rattled to learn that Ravi and Nugget are moving in with his mum.

When Eve observes Ravi taunting Kheerat about looking after Suki, she tells her what's been happening.

At the Slater’s, Kheerat offers to cover the cost of redecorating Jean’s bedroom but Stacey politely declines and asks him to stay with Jean while she pops out.

After Kheerat calls in a favour from Vinny, pots of paint arrive to redecorate Stacey's bedroom, however things don’t go as planned and a paint fight breaks out between the kids, Eve, Kheerat and Jean.

When Suki knocks to speak to Kheerat, it’s immediately awkward so she leaves and Stacey arrives home to the mess!

As they both encourage each other to face their fears, Jean promises to go outside and Kheerat accepts that he needs to look out for his mum.

Meanwhile, as Bobby, Harvey and Rocky plan a surprise leaving party for Dana, when discussion turns to whether they should invite Jean, Harvey refuses. Spotting the exchange, Billy realises Jean has overheard and tells Eve what happened.

Harvey is left guilty after Eve encourages him to be more sensitive and Harvey contemplates if he should visit her.

Unaware of the surprise party, Dana worries about her dad’s behaviour and despite Bobby’s reassurances, tries to defer her place at university.

Reluctantly, Dana follows Harvey into Peggy's, and just as she reveals that she’s not going to university as she’s worried about him, everyone jumps out and surprises her!

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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