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Rhona confronts Gus after making a shocking discovery in Emmerdale

But what will she do when his partner Lucy's waters break?

Struggling to keep Gus a secret, Marlon ends up blurting the news to a shocked Rhona that Gus stole Rhona’s embryos, telling her he saw Gus at the hospital with a pregnant Lucy. Rhona struggles to process this news.

The next day, a shocked Rhona taps up Ethan for some legal advice who makes clear it would be an arduous legal battle with Gus and Lucy.

Having been convinced by Marlon and Mary to speak to Gus, Rhona arranges to meet him tomorrow. But when he fails to show, Rhona finds herself staking out his house and is aghast to witness him trying to escape with suitcases.

Confronting Gus, Rhona is left in turmoil when heavily pregnant Lucy emerges.

Back in the village, Marlon and Mary grow increasingly worried about Rhona's disappearance and an emotional confrontation in the street between Rhona and Lucy takes a distressing turn when Lucy doubles over in pain. As her waters break. Rhona finds herself driving her to the hospital.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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