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Rhona desperate to bring Marlon home in Emmerdale

But is she being realistic?

Determined to make Rhona's birthday special, April successfully pulls off a surprise birthday party in the Woolpack. But with Rhona aware that she had promised to visit Marlon, Chas volunteers Cain to take her place so she can enjoy the party for April’s sake.

After a while, Rhona’s eager to see Marlon and when April begs to come with her, she guiltily lies to her but privately resolves to fight her case with her dad.

In the hospital Marlon’s guilty when Rhona tells him how much April misses visiting him, pushing for April to visit again.

The next day, April finally visits Marlon in hospital and he's relaxed by his daughter's humour. Seeing how maturely April is dealing with her father's vulnerability, Rhona is moved to tears.

Despite Mary scolding her for doing too much, Rhona is determined on getting him home. Mary thinks an exhausted Rhona is being delusional to believe that Marlon will be able to come home soon. And Mary’s love for Rhona is evident.

In the hospital, Gail uses tough love to encourage Marlon to use words rather than noises and he's delighted when he's able to utter a complete sentence for the first time since his stroke.

The next day, Paddy notices Rhona is struggling being a mum whilst also visiting Marlon and pays Marlon a visit. When Rhona returns, she explains her plans to get him home soon and is delighted to hear Paddy’s got a plan up his sleeve to raise Marlon’s spirits.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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