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Rhona goes on the run with Ivy to stop Gus from taking her to France in Emmerdale

Can Marlon and Mary track them down?

Concerned that Gus is coping well with Ivy, Rhona is filled with dread when Gus explains he wants Ivy back full-time.

As he packs up her things and heads out with her, Rhona tells Marlon that she hopes Ivy will play up for Gus.

The next day, as they meet up with Gus, an emotional Rhona smothers the baby with affection and she's upset to hear that Gus is coping with Ivy well and is distraught when Gus moots finding them both a permanent new home.

When Marlon asks Gus whether he’d be willing to let them co-parent, he's told that he plans to move to France with Ivy.

The next day, guilty over his decision to go, Gus asks if Rhona and Marlon can take care of Ivy for the day, giving them a chance to say goodbye properly. With all hope lost, Rhona is broken and holds Ivy close.

Later, Marlon returns home to find Ivy and Rhona missing, along with their belongings. Panicking, Marlon explains to Mary that Rhona has taken off with Ivy and they're both frantic with worry as they begin the search for Rhona and the baby.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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