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Rhona organises a 'Face Your Fears' day for Marlon, Mary and Paddy in Emmerdale

But can they face up to what is daunting them?

Excited to be back behind the wheel, Marlon is also nervous about it.

Lying to her family, Mary tells them that she's back on the dating scene when in reality she’s not confident enough. And when Paddy finds her sobbing in a field after pretending to have gone on a date, he’s delayed to meet his best friend Marlon.

Arriving late, the argument between Marlon and Paddy nearly puts pay to their close friendship as Marlon feels spurned by his pal.

And Rhona, feeling the weight of trying to support her husband Marlon, his friend Paddy and Mary, her mother too, finally snaps and tells them that tomorrow, they’ll all have to face their fears together.

The next day, with Rhona in charge, Mary, Marlon and Paddy nervously await their ‘fear-facing day’. When Rhona reveals what she’s organised for each of them, the group support each other and head off in trepidation.

But will Rhona’s tough love approach work to help Mary, Marlon and Paddy face up to what is daunting them?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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