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Rhona receives news that Pierce is dying in Emmerdale and goes in search of his son, Marcus

But when he turns up in the village, will she regret trying to reach him?

Rhona is chilled to the bone when a man turns up saying Pierce has sent him and gives her a letter.

After encouraging her to bin it, Vanessa is irked to see that Rhona hasn't. And having read the letter, Rhona tells Vanessa that Pierce is dying and wants help in finding his son.

The next day, Vanessa is terrified that Pierce is trying to lure her in and despite Vanessa's strength of feeling not to pursue this, Rhona makes the decision to help him. And with Rhona keeping Marlon in the dark, Vanessa specifically threatens her not to pursue finding his son or she'll tell Marlon.

The following day, having checked with a prison liaison officer, Rhona tells Vanessa that they confirmed Pierce is indeed dying. As Rhona searches for Marcus on social media, she has no clue where to start until Ryan offers his help.

After Ryan hands her Marcus' number, Rhona soon blurts to Vanessa she’s phoned him. But unbeknownst to Rhona, Vanessa sees a return voicemail come in from Marcus and after listening to it, leaves him one back, pretending to be Rhona.

Will Vanessa come to regret this?

The next day, Marcus shows up to meet Rhona and Vanessa once again impersonates her, hoping to head him off. But as she tries to explain she made a mistake getting in touch, Rhona arrives and is floored to see Marcus.

As the ladies argue over Vanessa’s actions, Marcus interrupts, knowing that something big must have prompted Rhona to contact him and Rhona fills him in.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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