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Ricky makes a shocking statement during Amy's counselling session in EastEnders

How will his comments leave Amy feeling?

Determined to fix things, Amy secretly invites Denise to her school counselling session with Jack.

And after overhearing Amy, Nugget and Denzel talking about the mess their parents have made, Chelsea steps in to support the Brannings. Her concern touches Denise, but she makes it clear she hasn’t forgiven her mum.

Having a go at Jack for refusing family therapy. Will Chelsea manage to get him to change his mind?

Later, just before counselling, Amy goes AWOL, leaving Jack and Denise worried. But it's not long before Chelseas finds her having a panic attack after taking her ‘Mum’ necklace to be fixed and getting held up.

After rushing to join the rest of the Brannings at the therapist’s office, a full and frank conversation begins, leaving Denise feeling under attack. But the big shock comes from Ricky, who doesn't hold back and says what he thinks.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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