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Romeo mistakenly accuses Rayne of cheating in Hollyoaks

But as he tries to win her back, can she forgive him?

After spending the night together, Romeo wants to confess his feelings to Rayne, but he’s not sure whether they are reciprocated. And when he realises he may have contracted an STI, Romeo seeks advice from James.

However, his approach to the topic with Rayne lands him in hot water and things turn sour when Romeo accuses Rayne of sleeping with his best friend.

When some new information comes to light, Romeo realises that he’s got the wrong end of the stick. With an apology to make, Romeo plans a romantic meal with Rayne. But will she forgive him?

Meanwhile, with heaps of paperwork to do Lacey butts heads with Rayne over her priorities. But could some advice from Lizzie give Lacey a new perspective? And despite his best efforts, Romeo struggles to fix things with Rayne.

Determined, Romeo turns to Lacey for help in getting Rayne back with a tit-for-tat offer. And as he sets up a grand romantic gesture, unique to his new flame, Romeo is all nerves. But will it be enough for a second chance?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with first look episodes available weekday mornings on All4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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