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Ronnie drops a family bombshell in Corrie as Michael becomes a father

Could Ronnie be Michael's father?

Ed's annoyed when he finds out that Ronnie has offered to pay for Michael's gender reveal party for the baby and Michael is grateful when Ed insists he’ll pay for the party, not Ronnie. Out of earshot, Ronnie answers his phone and tells the caller to stop pestering him.

Sick of him ignoring her calls, Ronnie's estranged wife Kat turns up and when he refuses her pleas to come home, she accuses him of running away to be with Aggie!

When Kat refuses to leave without an explanation, Ronnie admits he’s come to find out if his nephew Michael is really his son! When Ed arrives and asks who Kat is, Ronnie introduces her as his business partner. She warns Ronnie that he’s risking destroying his family based on a hunch.

Meanwhile, as Grace leaves the supermarket with the shopping for the party, a security guard demands to see her receipt. Locked in an office Grace suddenly feels a sharp pain and realises with horror it was a contraction!

At the hospital, Grace finally locates the receipt for her shopping. Accusing the security guard of racial profiling, Ronnie thrusts it at him.

With Michael at Grace’s bedside, Ed asks Ronnie why he’s so on edge and he admits that he had a relationship with Aggie before Ed met her and believes Michael could be his son! As Ed tries to compute everything, Michael announces that Grace has had a baby girl.

Michael tells Grace that their baby is doing fine and it’s time they put the past behind them and looked to the future. When Ronnie calls round with gifts for the baby, Ed orders him to stay away from his family.

Wishing she could return home to see Ed face to face, Aggie can’t risk it due to her aunt’s diagnosis.

Back in the hospital, a worried Michael tells Ed they’ve had to put the baby back on a ventilator as she was struggling to breathe. When Ronnie offers to buy Michael a car as he’ll be back and forth to the hospital, Ed’s forced to bite his tongue.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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