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Rose makes a blunder in her plan to destroy Kim in Emmerdale

Has she ruined the whole operation?


Overwhelmed with exhaustion, when Dawn hears that Evan’s temperature is up after his chemotherapy, she anxiously interrogates Billy when he arrives at the hospital to see if some germs could have been transferred to Evan from the other kids.

Left with Will, Billy breaks down at the impossibility of keeping Evan safe from germs once he leaves hospital.

At Home Farm, Clemmie and Lucas struggle to accept not being allowed to go to school and Dawn is grateful when Rose offers her some respite and convinces her to join her for a brandy to unwind.

However, Will’s horrified to catch Rose offering Dawn some heavy-duty sleeping tablets and tells her that Dawn is in recovery and warns Rose that she’s on her last chance at Home Farm.

After making it clear that she has forgiven Rose for her faux pas over the sleeping tablets, Dawn is grateful for the time they’ve spent together and Rose basks in the warmth of her daughter’s acceptance.

However, Rose is left riled when Kim reminds her she’s a long way from Will’s forgiveness. And when Rose tells Ruby about the latest hitch in the plan to destroy Kim, Ruby reminds her of the stakes of the operation.

Later, Rose pretends to be Kim when Leyla shows a client around Home Farm.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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