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Rose's dangerous plan goes awry after wanting to spike Will's drink in Emmerdale

But who has she spiked instead?


As Ruby exerts pressure for her to carry out the plan, Rose is almost caught by Will, updating Ruby. As she covers, Will is stunned when Rose moves in for a kiss. Although he quickly pulls away, Rose is left unsure if he will tell Kim.

Soon, Rose watches in despair as Will tells Kim it’s time for Rose to leave their home and to derail their conversation from going any further. Deliberately causing mayhem, Rose sets a horse loose.

Before long Rose receives a mysterious message and heads to the outskirts of the village where she meets a dealer who gives Rose a vial of tranquilliser telling her to await further instruction.

As Evan is discharged from hospital, Rose is totally overwhelmed with joy as Dawn refers to her as ‘mum’ for the first time, leaving Rose conflicted about following through with her dreadful plan to spike Will’s drink so she can entrap him.

Later, just as Will’s about to take a drink from the spiked drink, Dawn and Kim return home and two more drinks are poured meaning Rose loses track of which drink is spiked. And she panics as her plan has gone badly awry.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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