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Roy finds himself in danger after Max secretly visits Reece in prison in Corrie

When he loses his temper at Lauren's vigil, has Roy made things worse?


In the café, an internet sleuth listens as Roy tells Nina and Yasmeen he has been asked to go back to the police station to be interviewed.

After hearing David and Shona speculating whether Lauren’s dad’s far right group could be involved, Max decides to secretly pay Reece a visit in prison and tells him how Roy is wrongly suspected of Lauren’s murder when all he did was clean the flat for her.

Later in the café, Roy finds himself alone apart from two dodgy men sitting at a table. When one of them gets up and locks the door, Roy realises he’s in danger. 

When Nina reads about some amateur sleuths who’ve been digging at the bat roost site hoping to find some evidence to put Roy in the frame for Lauren’s murder, she's appalled.

Loading his car boot with shovels and bin bags, Roy heads for the roost site to ensure all is OK. But as he returns, DS Swain is waiting for him to take him to the station. Has Roy’s visit to the roost site cause him more problems?

Later, Nina, Carla, Bobby, Max, Evelyn, Asha and Roy join together for Lauren’s vigil in the precinct, but when Roy addresses the crowd and speaks fondly of Lauren and how much she meant to him, some lads make nasty comments and film him on their phones. How will Roy react?

Despite Evelyn, Carla and Nina urging him to keep a low profile until the police find out who really killed Lauren, Roy remains resolute and in the café, Nina confides in Carla over how worried she is for Roy.

Calling at the salon, clearly upset, Bobby shows Max the article about Lauren and the lads set off in search of Sabrina, determined to find out who told the press about Lauren’s sex work.

But when Sabrina assures Max and Bobby that it wasn’t her who blabbed to the press and she’s offended that they would even think that, she storms off leaving Max feeling terrible. 

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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