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Roy is kept up all night after inheriting a dog from a friend in Corrie

Will Evelyn allow him to drop Freddie off at a dog's home?

Calling at the café for Roy, Melvyn and his dog, Freddie, set off to visit a local bat roost. Soon, Roy returns to the café clutching Freddie, explaining to Shona and Nina how Melvyn had a funny turn and ended up in the hospital and there was nobody to look after the dog.

The following day, a clearly exhausted Roy admits to Shona that Freddie kept him up all night with his barking. Confiding in Evelyn, Roy tells her that Melvyn died and he’s inherited Freddie on a permanent basis.

Later, Roy tells Shona that he’s going to drop Freddie at the dog shelter as it’s for the best. But when he reveals that he’s dropped Freddie at the dogs’ home to Evelyn, she’s horrified!

After a change of heart, Roy confides in Evelyn and Shona that Freddie will be returning to live with him on a permanent basis and Evelyn reckons he’s made the right decision.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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