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Roy refuses to eat or leave his cell as he's refused bail in Corrie

Could Daniel's old jacket be the evidence DS Swain needs to save Roy?


As they take their seats in the police interview room, Roy asks Dee-Dee for a piece of paper and an envelope and begins to write.

In the court, the CPS barrister paints Roy as a murderer with a violent past and lists his crimes including the assault on Gary and the abduction of Wayne.

As Nina, Evelyn and Carla await Roy’s bail hearing, Dee-Dee hurries over and hands Nina a letter from Roy. Fighting back tears, they realise that Roy’s convinced he’s going to prison.

Unable to face the hearing, Evelyn heads back to the cafe to check on Freddie, whilst Dee-Dee puts forward her case and urges the Judge to grant Roy bail. However, the judge refuses the application and orders that he be held in custody until his trial.

In the cafe, whilst mulling over Roy’s predicament with Bernie, Bobby is given food for thought What is Bobby planning?

After receiving a call, summoning him to the station for further questioning, Bobby's face pales and as DS Swain gives a shaken Bobby a grilling, she reminds him that perverting the course of justice is a serious offence and carries a custodial sentence.

Returning home, Bobby tells Carla how under pressure he made out to DS Swain that the intruder in Lauren’s flat was wearing a balaclava and a dark coat with a fur-trimmed hood.

When Bobby reveals that he’s changed his statement as he suddenly remembered seeing a man running out of Lauren’s flat, Cassie, Evelyn and Nina listen with interest and Cassie tells Evelyn and Nina that not long after Lauren’s disappearance, she remembers seeing a coat in the charity shop fitting the description Bobby gave.

Returning from the charity shop, Evelyn and Cassie tell Nina that the coat has gone but there were some other clothes that came in with it and one of the jumpers has a name tag.

Calling at the builder's yard, DS Swain tells Daniel she’d like him to come with him as there’s been a development in the Lauren Bolton case. Has Bobby unknowingly accused Daniel? 

Meanwhile, in the prison, Roy refuses his breakfast and refuses to leave his cell.

As Bethany does her best to persuade Daniel to put thoughts of Lauren to the back of his mind and come for a walk, outside the café, Daniel has a go at Max for reporting him to the police and wasting their time.

But as Daniel and Bethany head off, Max tells Abi that he has no idea what he’s talking about and he's shocked when she tells him who did report Daniel to the police.

Calling at the factory, Max rails at Bobby for failing to tell him about Daniel’s involvement in Lauren’s disappearance.

When Bethany reads an article online suggesting that Lauren was working as an escort, Daniel decides to call Nicky.

Finding Max in the café, Bethany orders him to lay off Daniel as he’s a lovely, kind person who is being wrongfully accused.

But as Daniel heads off to meet Nicky and her friend Deana in the precinct, Max follows him and watches with excitement. After taking some pictures on his phone, Max explains to Bobby how he recognises Nicky as a sex worker and Daniel is clearly hiding something.

Nicky is now an outreach worker in the community and Daniel believes she may be able to help find information about Lauren’s disappearance from the girls she supports on the streets.

The connection still there between the pair, Nicky is keen to try and help Daniel, but the girls she works with are scared and vulnerable following news of Lauren’s murder.

Meanwhile, after admitting to him how much she enjoys Joel’s company, Michael reminds Dee-Dee that Joel lied to her in the past.

In the solicitors, Dee-Dee takes a call which shocks her and covers in front of Adam. But when Dee-Dee takes another unwanted call, she's forced to paint on a smile when Joel arrives. As Joel helps Dee-Dee with Roy’s bail application, he notices that she’s received some email death threats

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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