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Ruby clashes with Lily in EastEnders as Kush readies himself for prison

Can Martin and Kush ever make amends?

Kush isn't happy about Arthur living with Ruby and as she struggles with the kids, she rushes home to find Lily and Hope having cut up her late mother’s wedding dress!

Seething, Ruby tells Lily she wants her out of her house.

As Lily and Ruby argue, Martin is caught in the middle and an emotional Ruby explains that her MRI results have come back. When Lily offers Ruby a more sincere apology, it’s clear it’s far from over from Lily’s point of view.

After Kush overhears Ruby and Martin arguing, it's clear to Whitney that he's worried about leaving Arthur behind. And when Kush visits Ruby about Arthur, she knows he’s only plucked up the courage to speak to her because Martin is out.

Hitting back, Kush tells her he’s happy to tell Martin all her secrets, but when Ruby calls his bluff he leaves. When Martin later challenges Kush, he backs down, much to Whitney’s dismay.

As Whitney heads out to get dinner, she spots Kat and snaps. Wanting to keep her fling with Phil quiet, Kat is secretly overjoyed when she overhears Phil booking a romantic holiday, but whilst Kush’s trial goes on, Kat refuses to go public with Phil.

Phil knows that Kat likes him and after suggesting a date tomorrow night, Kat once again plays hard to get. But after reassuring Kush and giving him advice on how to handle prison, Phil, feeling all pleased with himself, tells Kat and dinner is back on.

Back at home, Kush is feeling emotional and calls Martin wondering if he’ll be his best man…next week!

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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