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Ruby falls down the stairs after argument with Stacey in EastEnders

But what does this mean for Ruby's pregnancy?

Ruby snaps when Martin wants to know their 12 week scan will be and is forced to look into private scans, knowing that the dates won’t add up.

At the hospital, the sonographer tells Ruby that she's about 7 weeks pregnant, the reality of her pregnancy finally sinks in.

When Martin tells her that he's booked a trip over Easter to relax, Ruby suggests taking the kids. As Stacey vents to Kush about it, Ruby walks by and they all agree to discuss it properly later. Spotting an opportunity, Lily promises to get her mum on side if Ruby does something for her.

As Martin, Ruby and Stacey attempt to talk things over at The Vic, Lily is suddenly all years at the mention of Greece, leaving Stacey angry. As Ruby heads to the bathroom, she leaves abruptly and makes a panicked call to the hospital - she's pregnant and bleeding.

After discovering that Lily has ordered glam holiday stuff on her credit card, Stacey vows to make Ruby pay. Stopping by to demand the money for Lily’s purchases, Stacey and Ruby end up talking through their feelings and reminisce about their teenage years.

But when Ruby’s scheming with Kush is mentioned, the argument continues and Ruby falls backwards down the stairs.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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