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Ruby suffers another miscarriage in EastEnders

As Jean offers her some encouragement.

Lily is sceptical when Ruby takes up Isaac's idea and presents the kids with a worry box, telling that whatever they write and put inside, stays secret. However, Ruby can't help but peek at Lily's worry and it doesn't take long for Lily to cotton on and storm off.

As Jean advises Ruby to be warmer, Ruby suddenly doubles over in pain and at the GP, Ruby leaves her appointment in tears. She tells Jean that she’s pregnant, but the doctor explained it’s highly likely she’ll miscarry. Later, they bond as Jean encourages Ruby to write her own worry for the box.

When Ruby tells Martin the news from the doctor, she insists she'll be fine alone and gets a call to pick Lily up from school, causing the two to bond.

Meanwhile, Martin confides in Zack about feeling helpless and reckons they need to keep trying for a baby no matter what.

And after Lily tells Ruby that she'll be a great mum one day, Ruby realises that she has read her worry note. But when she gets a searing stomach cramp, Ruby's miscarriage has started and she later spends the evening with Lily, taking comfort in finding her feet as a step mum.

Martin gets Ruby's back up after suggesting they look at other options to conceive as she just wants to focus on the family she has. He reluctantly agrees.

And when she later visits their monument, Ruby adds a new stone in memory of the baby she’s lost. Watching, Jean offers her some encouragement.

EastEnders continues Mondays with all episodes available on iPlayer ahead of being shown on BBC One


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