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Ryan gives in to temptation in Corrie as Peter wonders how he's making his money

How much is Ryan willing to admit to Daisy?

After Ryan receives a message from an O-Vidz subscriber offering to pay extra for a live video, Carla reminds a reluctant Ryan that he’s due to start his first shift at Underworld.

However, when he starts in packing, Ryan receives a message on his O-Vidz from a guy requesting a personal video. As Ryan nips to the loo to send some nude pics, he receives a message back telling him only a live video will do, and they’ll pay £500.

What will Ryan decide to do?

As Peter wonders what Ryan is going to do for money, he assures him that his fitness videos are really starting to pay off. With the ante upped, a nervous Ryan agrees to a call where he talks dirty to the guy who messaged him.

When Peter overhears, he tells Carla that it’s no wonder Ryan spends so much time in his room as he heard him having phone sex.

Listening, unnerved, Daisy soon confronts Ryan to ask what’s going on. How much will Ryan admit to?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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