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Ryan's condition worsens in Corrie as he drifts into unconsciousness

Will he be OK? And is there more to his friendship with Daisy?

When Daisy calls over to see Ryan, Daniel feels a pang of jealousy and Ryan is disappointed when she tells him she’s meeting Daniel for lunch. Alone in the flat, Ryan’s overcome by a wave of pain and instinctively calls Crystal.

In the Rovers, Daisy ignores the call but when her phone rings again, Daniel urges her to call Ryan back. Texting Ryan, Daisy pretends to be Crystal.

Later, Daisy promises that she's going to take a step back from helping Ryan. But when she later visits him, she's left concerned when Ryan says he is going to give Crystal a call.

When Ryan calls Crystal, Daisy adopts her Crystal voice and in a bid to put him off her, rudely makes out she prefers country music to club tunes. But her plan backfires when Ryan leaves a voice message for Crystal telling her that he’s going to book a ticket and come out to Ibiza to see her.

Calling at the flat, Daisy advises Ryan against flying to Ibiza and he wonders how she knew that's what he was considering. But buys her story that she's seen him looking at flights.

After going for a walk, Daisy and Ryan return and when Daisy suggests a drink in the Rovers, Ryan thanks her for making him face his demons. As they stare at each other, it’s clear their feelings go deeper.

The following day, feeling increasingly unwell, Ryan rushes to the bathroom to be sick. Sharing her concerns with Jenny, Daisy is told to not be too hard on herself, with Jenny reckons Crystal might cheer him up. At the mention of her alter ego, Daisy scrabbles in her bag and realising she’s left her spare phone at home, hurries out.

Meanwhile, feeling desperately ill, Ryan calls Crystal and leaves a message. Alone in the flat, Ryan drifts into unconsciousness.

Having found Daisy's spare phone, Daniel records a message for Max, suggesting that if there’s anything bothering him, he can record it on the phone. But when Daniel reveals that he gave the spare phone to Max, Daisy demands that he get it back as soon as possible. And as Gav plays Ryan’s voice message, Max listens with concern, knowing Ryan is in danger.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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