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Ryan's devastating news causes Mackenzie and Charity to split in Emmerdale

Can Charity ever forgive Mack for kissing Dawn? And will this bring her closer to Ryan?

As Charity heads off dressed up for the playdate, Ryan gets multiple calls and when Charity rejects his call, he confides in Mackenzie about the terrible news that his adoptive mum Irene, has passed away.

Meanwhile, as the boys love spending time together, Charity and Vanessa are thick in conversation and Charity rejects Mackenzie's call who offers to drive Ryan to his brother.

The next day, Mackenzie urges Ryan to tell Charity about Irene dying, but when it's Mackenzie who blurts out the news, Charity is cross with him for not telling her sooner. Hurt, Charity realises she's upset both Mackenzie and Ryan. Even Vanessa, annoyed by Charity’s typical behaviour, heads off.

Hitting the booze, Mackenzie discusses his tumultuous relationship with Dawn, but before anything can be said, Charity spots a now drunk Mackenzie across the road. Having clocked her with Vanessa, Mack makes a lunging doorstep kiss at Dawn.

The next day, Billy is angry to hear about the kiss and with Charity and Mackenzie now over, Vanessa messes with Mackenzie's head, telling him that Charity was actually coming to apologise to him before he messed up by kissing Dawn.

Can they sort out their differences?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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