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Sally and Tim plan a secret wedding in Corrie

But could Geoff be set to ruin their plans?

Determined that Geoff mustn’t find out, Tim and Sally secretly plan their wedding with Abi, Faye and Gail on side. But as they enjoy a low key hen party in the back garden, Geoff overhears their plans.

When Faye apologises for letting the cat out of the bag, Sally and Tim play it down, with Tim imploring Geoff to stay away from the wedding.

And as Sally gets ready for her wedding, Tim assures her that he won't let his dad ruin their big day. But how sure can he be? As Geoff begs Tim to let him come, Tim confides in Abi that he’s worried his dad might have other ideas.

As the wedding party head to the car Abi decides to take matters into her own hands!

When Tim and Sally return from the registry office as a married couple, they head to the bistro for their reception. But when a police officer arrives at the reception we wonder what tricks Geoff has up his sleeve this time?

Tim tells Geoff he’s lost his family and has only himself to blame and Alya enjoys winding Geoff up over Sally and Tim’s wedding.

Meanwhile Alya despairs when Yasmeen admits that not only is she dreading the trial, but she feels safe in prison where Geoff can’t get to her and doesn’t want to leave!

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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