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Sally confronts Tim in Corrie over message meant for Aggie

How will Tim explain himself?

When Michael queries how long Dee-Dee’s staying at No.3, Ed agrees that it would be good to know her plans. Feeling unwanted, Dee-Dee flounces out, leaving Aggie annoyed at Ed. And Aggie turns to Tim, he gives her some good advice.

Later, Dee-Dee confesses to her parents that she’s been lonely in LA and doesn’t intend to go back. Contacting her boss in LA, Dee-Dee quits her job and as she and Michael bicker good-naturedly, a happy Aggie texts Tim and thanks him for their chat.

And Tim feels like a fraud when Sally plans a night out at the bistro tomorrow as another thank you for her perfect anniversary present.

Meanwhile, Aggie tells Tim that she made out to Ed that the necklace Tim bought her was an old one and Tim agrees not to contradict her story.

When Tim arrives home, he finds Sally doing a disco aerobics workout and gamely joins in. With their workout over, Sally and Tim enjoy a laugh before indulging in a passionate kiss. And they're both elated after having sex for the first time in months.

As Sally and Tim head over to the Bistro, Ed asks them to share their table and Aggie is left feeling awkward as Sally admires her necklace, unaware Tim bought it for her.

When Tim sees that Aggie is puzzled by his and Sally’s flirtatious behaviour, he sends her a text, but is horrified to realise he sent it to Sally! How will she react?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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