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Sally is attacked in prison in Hollyoaks

And following this hate crime, plans her escape!

After realising that John Paul hasn’t visited Sally in prison, James encourages him to stop avoiding her, and answer her call. But their conversation is interrupted by Sally begging an anonymous figure to leave her alone.

Filled with worry, John Paul and Nana go to the hospital to visit Sally, who has been beaten in prison, but Misbah tells them that they aren’t allowed to see her.

Instead, PC Smith pays Sally a visit and assures her that he won’t make her life in prison comfortable.

Confiding in Misbah about her beating being a hate crime, Sally tells her about her attackers saying that they would ‘finish the job’ when she gets back. So Misbah comes up with a plan to buy Sally some time. And later, Sally makes a shocking decision, as she plans to escape!

As Sally continues to worry about her safety, John Paul discusses her plan to escape with Nana and Goldie. Whilst the two women agree with Sally’s plan, John Paul has his own reasons for being hesitant and asks James for advice. Will John Paul help her escape?

Meeting with DS Cohen, James tells her about his intention to expose the corruption in her department unless she helps him with Sally’s case. Will she agree?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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